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January 2008

MESC director Massoud Khodabandeh was Invited by the Iraqi Government for consultation on foreign terrorist entities in Iraq. Produced report February 2008 on proposed solution to the presence of remaining members of Mojahedin Khalq in Camp Ashraf Iraq.

MESC director Massoud Khodabandeh provided emergency project management in order to set up a rescue package for individuals from the American run Temporary International Protection Facility at Camp Ashraf after they were advised they must leave. An emergency situation arose when several individuals were imprisoned and at least 26 went missing as they tried to leave the country into Turkey. After consultation with Iraq's Human Rights Ministry, Massoud established an ngo called Sahar Family Foundation in Iraq to provide short-term aid for those leaving TIPF and Camp Ashraf. The Foundation also aids families from all over the world seeking contact with relatives in Camp Ashraf.







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