Project Management

MESC can provide start-up, management and public relations for a variety of projects.


MESC provides consultancy on the specific issues involving risk assessment in the Middle East; in particular the effects of cult behaviour of political entities and the links between terrorism and mind control activities inside dangerous organisations. We have expertise in the human rights aspects of destructive political entities, and methods which can be used to restore members to normal life.

MESC is also a one stop solution to crisis management in conflicted areas in the Middle East as well as a provider of professional problem solving approaches to conflicts in the region.

Research and Analysis

In association with the Centre du Recherche sur le Terrorism in Paris, risk assessment and security solutions are also provided within the framework of public and private companies.

The Centre du Recherche sur le Terrorism is our expert partner in Lebanon and Syria, while we focus more on Iraq, Iran and the Persian Gulf.

Research and Translation

MESC provides a separate dedicated research and translation service which may be of interest to journalists or others who are looking for information in the Middle East.